Is in Soweto

Is in Soweto

Is Naturena part of Soweto?
Naturena is a Gauteng suburb. Naturena is located to the east of Armadale and to the west of Devland.
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Naturena is located in which district?
Naturena is a suburb of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng, South Africa.

Is Naturena a neighborhood?
Naturena is a well-established Johannesburg suburb located to the south of the city. Other advantages include the proximity of major freeways leading into the Johannesburg CBD, Soweto, and further south to towns such as Vereeniging.

In Soweto, how many townships are there?
32 distinct
Soweto is now made up of 32 different “townships” that are clustered together, with a vibrant mix of cultures and tribes represented; it is the country’s largest black township of its kind.

Is Naturena in Soweto

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